About Us

The Alumni Guide is designed to help graduates of North Carolina colleges and universities decide whether to donate money to their alma maters—and if so, help them target their gifts more effectively. Sponsored by the John W. Pope Center for Higher Education Policy, this interactive guide will give you solid information beyond the glamorous anecdotes supplied by your alumni association magazine.

Many campuses have changed dramatically over the years; the interests of administrators and even faculty do not necessarily reflect the concerns of alumni. Some schools have become hotbeds of  “politically correct” thinking; some have lost their past emphasis on quality education. Indeed, most schools are undoubtedly a “mixed bag” of good and bad characteristics.

As an alum, you may wish to focus your gift on those aspects of your school about which you are confident. This guide will help you do that. If you find that you are severely dissatisfied with your school because of what you learn here, we hope to put you in contact with other disappointed alumni. If you have questions, email Jenna Ashley Robinson, the Pope Center’s outreach coordinator at jarobinson@popecenter.org.

Perhaps you have children or grandchildren who want to attend a college or university in North Carolina. If so, be sure to look at our sister site, nccollegefinder.org.