Did you attend a North Carolina college or university?

If so, you undoubtedly receive frequent pleas from your school for financial support. Does your school deserve your donations?

Find out using this Alumni Guide to North Carolina colleges. Select your college or university from the list below to answer a short survey to determine whether your giving priorities line up with your alma mater’s current activities and performance. After completing this survey, the site will tell you whether you should 1) give to your alma mater’s general fund; 2) be more selective when you give (by giving only to specific on-campus organizations, for example); or 3) avoid entirely giving financial support to your alma mater.

Or, you can go directly to a detailed description about your university. There, you’ll discover some things you may not have known before—such as whether your alma mater allows free speech on campus or has a strong core curriculum. You’ll also be able to look over some basic facts that may have changed since you graduated and read Pope Center articles about your school.

To begin, select your college or university from the list below.